Consumer Resources

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Choosing to purchase or lease solar for your home is a big decision.  If you want to know whether solar is right for you, whether to lease or purchase, how to go about choosing an installer, or how to know you're getting a good deal, these resources are for you!

Still have questions? Learn more about incentives and financing options, connecting to the grid, or check out frequently asked questions about solar.


  • Be Solar Smart Consumer Checklist (IREC): A step-by-step guide to simplify the complicated. It gives you questions to ask and facts to consider to secure a safe installation and a fair deal.

  • Clean Energy Consumer Bill of Rights (IREC): outlines practices and protective measures we should all expect — regarding safety, warranties, contractual transparency, advertising and privacy.

  • connecting to the grid (Consumer Reports): With the price of panels and installation falling and an extension of the federal tax credit, now is a good time to consider solar





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