Shared Solar and Community Ownership Models:

If you can't install solar on your own home or business (because you rent, have a restrictive HOA, or have too much shade), shared solar is for you! Shared solar models offer the opportunity to purchase a share of solar energy from a large solar installation, which can be located anywhere within the utility territory. The economic and environmental benefits are distributed to the individual owners, depending on the ownership model. In some cases, participants may be able to own or lease a part of the system, or they may simply purchase the energy generated and receive credit for the energy on their energy bills.

Depending on your utility, you may be able to access a shared solar program in Utah.  Rocky Mountain Power customers can participate in the Solar Subscriber program, although this program is currently sold out. Logan Light and Power offers a solar rate that allows customers to opt into purchasing power from a solar array. St. George also offers residents the option to purchase energy from a solar farm through the SunSmart Program.

If you want your utility or local government to offer this type of model, start asking for it!

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